Friday, August 18, 2006

Recent Results

Well then, a decent run of results in MTTs but the SNGs - after being my bread'n'butter for so long are treating me cruelly at the mo.

- Got through to round 2 of the Moneymaker million freeroll on stars again, thats 2 out of 6 which, considering the size of the field and the crazy nature of the play, is not a bad achievement. Round 2 this coming Saturday.
- 4th in a 610 field 20+2 on Stars, not bad $800+ payout, could have been better but no place for a final table bad-beat post here.
- 5th in a $40 over at Ritz Club, not a great payout but a couple of hundred.

Amazing this SNG thing, acutally seem to be doing worse now I understand ICM and bubble dynamics than before... hopefully just good old varience.

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