Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lindgren's Book...

Just finished re-reading Erick Lindgrens book about getting to the final table. Fist read on a long flight back from Singapore to Europe and did not have too favourable an impression, kind of came across as a little arrogant at the same time as being thin on content.

This time I picked up a couple of points of interest, the first being on which flops to continuation bet when called trying to steal blinds. Now my thoughts were that high card flops (assuming I missed) are bad news, Lindgren contends that it is the raggy low flops which one should be scared of - the premise being that blinds often call with small pairs / connectors etc. Maybe this is a difference in style between the WPT players and those in the $5 to $20 multis which I am used to - in my experience 2 high cards / any ace are the more likely candidates for blind defense.

Secondly a good point about seeing flops in position early for a small raise, sure I understand position but with rags? Guess the key factor is post flop play here, again the difference is the opponents in judging how to do this correctly. One is never going to see a 'great laydown' in a small stakes tourney so the key is being able to beat a premium pair (or minumum TPTK) after the flop. Will look into this a little more. Enjoyed the book a little more this time - will have another look through in a few months time.

Currently on my shopping list is Slansky's Tournament Poker for Advanced Players and the much discussed 'Super System', have the Stars points for these and will order ahead of my next trip to the UK in the Autumn.

Treading water with results the last few days, + on Sit and Goes but minus on MTTs... bah.

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