Sunday, August 20, 2006

Final Table + Horse

Well went one better than yesterday in the Titan 8k guarenteed, reaching the final table only to bust out in 7th. Got A10o in the BB and tryed a resteal vs a button min raise only for him to turn over AQ... oops. Happy to go one better than yesterday and hopefully can go one better still in the coming days for a 'real' payday.

Been playing HORSE on Stars, what with it being the latest thing and all, some truly attrocious players, small $ up but my good old weakness of not being able to let go of 2nd best hands soon enough preventing me from being a big winner. One hand in the stud h/l was very funny... dealt 8A/3 and called a preflop raise along with 4 others made my low by 5th street against 3 opponents showing xx/j8j xx/993 (clubs) and xx/584... I was last to act and pumped the pot twice this round, the other 'low' folded on 6th when they appeared not to improve and i got a couple more bets in against the 2 highs before the 99 guy folded and it was time to call down for my half of the pot.... the funny thing was the abuse afterwards for 'pumping the low' via the chat window, including from the other 'low' who claimed to have my low beaten. Classic to be called a donk over and over after my well timed raising had not only got at least 4 extra bets from both highs but made a 'better' low fold. Happy to be that donk any day.

Moneymaker round 2 no good this time, my own silly mistake - I will not bluff calling stations, I will not bluff calling stations, I will not bluff calling stations. Ah well, give round 1 another go this coming week then...

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