Sunday, August 27, 2006

Being Honest with Yourself.

My game is full of holes, leaking $$$ like water through a sieve, now not being negative here - after all the $ are still coming in regardless. What i need to do is to spend some serious time recongising and recording the leaks, and put together a plan which is a little more substantial than 'i'll work on them'. Figured that the best place to do this was in public... here goes;

MTTs, too tight, yep the dreaded weak-tight syndrome gets me during those middle stages. I'm ok at the start, not bad at the end (SNG push-fold helps here) but that difficult mid-stage, the blinds are high and escalating but the bubble is an hour away... I need to open up more but never quite find the right spots. PLAN, Read lots of 2+2 posts that concern non-premuim hands mid-stage, make a list of the extra hands I'd like to play and in what circumstances.

SNGs, not making enough effort with the sit and go power tools. Had it for about 6 months and probably totalled 3 hours on the thing. I have a good idea of the push / fold ranges but this is not enough, costing $$$ unless I pin this down. On the other hand there are situations where I know something is a +ev push (23o from the SB for example) and I hesitate to pull the trigger... weak again really. PLAN: 30 minutes per day for a week looking at my hand histories with the power tools, pulling that trigger more often!

Cash / Horse / Stud etc - breakeven at best on these games and still I play them, idling away hours on the tables. STOP! This is costing $$$ in no more than the time that I could be profitably playing SNGS...

Feels good to write things down!

New challenge is to make enough money during September to spend October on the Thai Island of Koh Phi Phi, for 2 of us that will mean about 3.5K USD... thats more than I have ever made in one month before but hey, with a bit of motivation and the rub of the green who knows...

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