Saturday, August 12, 2006

Back Then...

Decided to have a weekend off of Poker. Music festival in town to keep me amused in the meantime, will do some HH reviews and general info seeking in between.

Wanted to mention the first time I played online poker. Must be about 2 years ago now. Started with Limit Holdem at Party, ugly losses! Here are a few specific memories of that time...
- Recall playing J8 as my minimum starting hand, position? raiser ahead? suits? nonsense... a J and and 8 or better was good enough. If I 'ran bad' then I went to J9 minimum and then to J10.
- Recall Discovering No-Limit, 'wow this is GREAT - you only have to put in 25c to see a flop, now i can play with anything'
- Discovering Sit and Goes... 'Wow this is EEEAAASSSYYY, just wait until I have a pair or some high cards and call that big bet'. Right, won the $10 now I'll do the same thing at the $50s... oops.

Yep, like most people I was a pretty consitent loser back then, only really in the last year have I started making small profits some months just over $1k but most just under... what I really hope for is to look back in 6 months time at some of the plays I make now with the same sense of amused bafflement as for the list above.

Have been reading a good blog at well worth a visit for some interesting discussions / articles.

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