Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bankroll Management for SNGs - Jump Off Page

This page contains links to the Plan3t Gong SNG articles on Bankroll Management and ROI discussions for Sit and Go Tournements. Please right click and open in a new window / tab for easy navigation.

1) This article looks at the discussion on whether regular or Turbo SNGs are more profitable.

2) This one looks at the effect on your ROI from playing with winning players. Suggests that the effects are still negative even when you feel you have an 'edge' vs the other winners.

3) This article looks at how big a sample size you need to have a 'true' reflection of you ROI in SNGs. Discusses confidence intervals with some suprising results!!

4) Related to ROI this one looks at whether the Titan Poker Jackpot SNGs are worth the increased rake (fee). Titan is not US-Friendly at the time of writing.

If you have any further areas related to ROI and Bankroll management you'd like to see convered here then please drop me a mail or a comment!!

GL at the Tables,